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Check It Out.

January. 15. 2010

I’m excited to announce that I’m featured as Elise’s blog giveaway today! Check it out and maybe win!


The Reject Club

January. 14. 2010

Featured below is some of my work that wasn’t chosen as the final piece, tossed aside, and forgotten. Time to bring it back out!

Spin Thread : Etsy Favorite

January. 13. 2010

I’ve seen Spin Thread’s work on a few blogs and thought- heck another feature never hurt anyone! I love these necklaces and can’t imagine how much work goes into each one! Check out the shop here!

Detail Shots

January. 12. 2010

More detailed shots of some of the work I posted on my portfolio site.

New work added

January. 11. 2010

I was FINALLY home alongside the sunlight streaming through my back window and could photograph some of my printed work. It’s definitely not professional but when you get something legitimately printed, you want to show that! Take a look over here for more photos.


January. 10. 2010

Saw this painting-turned-print over here. Mark Warren Jacques’ work is Wonderful. With a capital “W.”

Project 365 : 1-6

January. 9. 2010

I downloaded the Project 365 app on my iPhone and so far I’ve been faithful to the idea. My first 6 images are featured below.