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always admire those in your life.

December. 16. 2009

The other day I realized how much I missed being surrounded be people that I admire. It has taken a long time for me to digest what my college experience really meant and how it affected me. During those four years, I was blessed to work, create, and spend time with some of the most talented people I think I’ll ever meet. There are many more but I decided to feature these 7 artists today. Now let me introduce you…

photography by Erin Geyer : Seattle

photography by Christine Sullivan : Italy

piece by Ashely Bourque Peifer : Texas

design by Karmen Low : Grand Rapids

piece by Bree Tsuleff : Fort Wayne

piece by Kaye Patton : Chicago

collage by Kellyn Walker : Indianapolis

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  1. December. 16. 2009 10.07 am

    Joe Hamgeri is so hotttt.

  2. Nathan Butcher permalink
    December. 16. 2009 1.42 pm

    Music by Nathan Butcher – Indianapolis

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