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It’s all Golden.

December. 13. 2009
(image from here. Kristin Wiig is one of my favs. She’s seen here wearing Emily Elizabeth’s Saltine Necklace.)

I design print materials for Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. Obviously since I get to look at all her wonderful pieces while I’m designing, it shouldn’t surprise me when they get featured or worn by stellar and famous people.

Seriously if you’re looking for a Christmas present- check out her online store. Also check out some of her recent press. It’s impressive.

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  1. December. 13. 2009 11.05 am

    wow, i love her stuff. so cool.

  2. December. 13. 2009 11.40 pm

    That is seriously awesome! I love Kristin Wiig, too.

  3. December. 15. 2009 11.16 pm

    I was too busy looking at Taylor Lautner to notice the lady next to him or the jewelry she is wearing. Ooops, sorry…

  4. afancyhello permalink*
    December. 15. 2009 11.19 pm

    @Elise: I know! I have two of her necklaces and I love them.
    @Alli: YES! She’s my favorite.
    @TOTSPUPS: Hahaha….

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