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My head’s in the clouds.

December. 2. 2009
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Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was a little distracted….

Comment on this post with your favorite iPhone apps!

(image found here)
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  1. December. 2. 2009 11.37 am

    My favorites are TweetDeck (so I can tweet from anywhere), Flixster (so I can get movie times quickly), and foursquare. Foursquare is a potentially cool, location-based game/app. Some blogs are saying it will be the “Twitter of 2010.”

  2. December. 2. 2009 2.46 pm

    I’m getting one this month. so excited.
    so, so excited.
    let me know if you find a good calendar ap.

  3. afancyhello permalink*
    December. 2. 2009 3.31 pm

    @Jon: Thanks!

    @Elise: omg you will LOVE it. I’ll let you know my fav apps after I have more time to browse :)

  4. December. 3. 2009 10.12 am

    @jon I’ve seen a lot of foursquare happenings coming through my twitter feed. I never want to be left out of a trend….

    @elise I simply use the calender app that is preoaded. It syncs with ical, but I use to sync my google calender, ical, and iphone calender. Also syncs my contacts in each.

    @allie. my most used apps: things, tweetdeck, facebook, google, dropbox, weightbot, pandora, logos.

  5. December. 7. 2009 12.16 pm

    You can see other people’s iPhoneography (photos taken with iPhone) here and you can post it here: . Some of the photos are pretty artsy and wonderful.

    Congrats on your His and Hers iPhone purchase.

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