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I’m a sucker.

November. 17. 2009
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I know. I’m a sucker. This has nothing to do with me as an artist, you as an artist, or anything that involves creativity or design. This is simply because I love my dog and I have this theory that he’s the cutest one out there. His name is Desh and the pictures range from 6 weeks old-now (5 months old).


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  1. November. 17. 2009 9.51 am

    Um, yes, he is probably one of the most adorable dogs I’ve ever seen!! :) :) What breed is he??

  2. November. 17. 2009 9.56 am

    i love him. is he full grown?

  3. November. 17. 2009 11.03 am

    @Sonya. Desh is a cockapoo.

    @Elise. He’s about 12 pounds now and I’d guess that he’ll grow to about 15. (in the first picture, he only weighs about 4lbs).

  4. November. 17. 2009 12.15 pm

    SO cute!

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