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Business Cards

April. 3. 2009

I printed up about 15 (seriously.) Because my name, number, email, and website is changing in 85 days. Still not happy with them but I have time to change things up. I want my business cards to be able to withstand crazy wallets and laying around in the open, exposed to…water. I don’t want people to feel like they have to keep it nice. The brown chipboard is durable. The white paper is…cleaner. Your thoughts?


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  1. April. 3. 2009 2.19 am

    good stuff. i like the white as it looks a bit cleaner and more professional, but your brown cards may work better for a “wedding invitation” or “card” setting as they look pretty unique.

    rule #1: do whatever you want.

  2. April. 3. 2009 3.18 am

    I agree with Adam and would prefer the white version, as it looks more professional.

    With that said, the cardboard version is different than what most people would receive, so it might be the most effective in standing out.


  3. Renee Jocson permalink
    April. 3. 2009 3.18 am

    I like the white ones, too. Nice look!

    Rule #2: Do what your mother says!

  4. April. 3. 2009 12.44 pm

    Personally, I like the white ones. But you should probably go with the brown ones b/c I feel like it fits your style more. PS: Did you get the email I sent you about your site? I know your show is tomorrow, but those changes should be helpful in the long term.

  5. David Jocson permalink
    May. 2. 2009 9.44 pm

    I prefer the white as well.

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