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I love your taste in art.

March. 18. 2009


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  1. March. 18. 2009 12.34 am

    This is a really interesting series. What are your thoughts behind them?

    • afancyhello permalink*
      March. 18. 2009 4.18 am

      Well I started this random ongoing thought process about color. Not necessarily in a proper way but more in an emotional way. What does color bring to your life? What would life be like without color? Could color come in different forms other than color (ie: love, passion, God, Coldplay…ha). So I guess I’ll just keep going with it!

  2. March. 18. 2009 6.16 am

    proper shmoper. I like it. Keep going with it..specifically the question about color coming in different forms other than color. If/whenever you decide to do some writing about it–you should post it. I’m really interested.

  3. March. 18. 2009 9.25 am

    yeah. i love the question “if you lived in a black and white world, what would seeing color be like to you?”

    it’d be this surreal experience. probably like tripping on acid or something.

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